How We Can Help

  • Human Resources

    We enable our partners to easily expand or reduce support staff based upon immediate needs.

  • Billing

    We provide outsourced billing services to our partners, including account receivables, invoicing and collections tasks.

  • Finance

    We allow our partners to leverage financing services for their practice and their patients.

  • Day-to-Day Management

    We give our partners the ability to focus on their patients while we focus on the business needs.

  • Purchasing

    We research and procure products for our partners to receive the best pricing.

  • Marketing

    We help our partners promote and grow their practice leveraging the best sales strategies and communication tools.

  • Compliance

    We help our partners mitigate risk by proactively implementing and managing ADA and HIPAA compliance measures.

  • Construction Management

    We manage surveys, estimates, maintenance and repairs for our partners.

  • Leasing Expertise

    We leverage decades of experience to serve as an intermediary for our partners.

  • Insurance

    We handle insurance and payments for our partners so that they can rest easy.

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