Patrick Perodin, Marquee Dental’s COO, Talks New Markets, Team Building, and Culture Development with DSOPro

DSOPro recently released their latest issue focused around procurement. The online publication contains news, analysis and data powered by Group Dentistry Now & DSO DataCONNECT.

Patrick Perodin, COO of Marquee Dental Partners, was featured in an interview entitled “Opening New Markets, Building Teams, and Developing Cultures”. Here are some highlights:

  • About working at Marquee Dental: “It is exciting to be part of building a company and having the opportunity to help write the playbook at Marquee. We have so many great people and leaders at Marquee, so the work is fun and gratifying. And we are building something special.”
  • About Marquee’s recruitment: “We really preach total clinical autonomy. When we do an acquisition, that practice will continue to operate in the same manner, for the most part, with some additional support from us. We really pride ourselves on not trying to change anything that has helped a practice become successful. “
  • About the benefits of a DSO: “DSOs can provide technology that you don’t always see in unsupported private practices. Having CBCTs, iTero scanners, and offering CAD/CAM dentistry and the other resources a DSO can put into practices enables providers to make better decisions and have the best ways to take care of their patients.”

You can read the entirety of Patrick Perodin’s interview, including an interesting look into his own career journey that led him to Marquee Dental HERE in Volume 63 of DSOPro.