Marquee Dental Partners Launches its New Brand in Tennessee.

Marquee Dental Partners expands its growth strategy with the launch of a Consumer-facing dental brand in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Today, Marquee Dental Partners announces the launch of its consumer-facing dental brand, Marquee Dental. The Marquee Dental brand will be used to directly expand Marquee’s industry-leading approach into select communities. The new brand operates with the belief that better smiles lead to better health and that better health leads to better lives.

“I am proud of the work our branding team did to create and launch Marquee Dental,” said Fred Ward, Marquee Dental Partners Chief Executive Officer. “We have an ethos at Marquee Dental Partners of healthiness and happiness that gets passed onto patients. We are proud of that. More functionally, this branding work will help inject numerous efficiencies into our De Novo strategy.”

The first Marquee Dental office will open in late December 2021 in Smyrna, Tennessee; a bedroom community of Nashville, TN.  The office will be led by Dr. David Dewberry and a team of highly trained dental professionals. Dr. Dewberry joined Marquee Dental after practicing for several years in Southern California.

Marquee Dental also launched its consumer-facing website, The site focuses on providing its users an easy and efficient way to access their dentist. “We want an experience that makes our patients feel welcome and cared for. We also want a culture that acknowledges and honors the great work that dental professionals do every day. With the Marquee Dental brand, we get to do both,” said Marquee Dental Partners Vice President of Marketing, Rich Palumbo. “We are excited to be able to speak directly to these patients and communities through this new brand.”

The new Marquee Dental office in Smyrna is scheduling appointments now.

Marquee Dental Partners now operates nearly 60 dental offices across 5 states and supports more than 100 dentists.

About Marquee Dental Partners

Marquee Dental Partners, headquartered in Brentwood, TN, has nearly 60 locations in the southeast United States. With offices in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Florida, Marquee offers its patients a broad range of services through their general dentistry and multi-specialty practices. Marquee Dental Partners has succeeded by providing dental professionals with the administrative and operational support they need to deliver gold-standard patient care.

Marquee Dental Partners believes that happy and healthy people help others to be happy and healthy. This philosophy makes them an ideal partner for practices looking to grow and care for the people and communities that are important to them.